Conversations With The Folks

I knew it was going to start – knew it would happen from the moment they arrived.  My parents – politics- religions – current affairs – didn’t matter the exact topic but a passionate debate/rant would occur.  And it would go on and on and on.

Given the recent events in Missouri, it did not surprise me that was what came up.

“Back in my day, if a police officer pulled you over and asked for your license and registration – you did what was asked even if they gave you attitude, you didn’t give them attitude.  Even if they didn’t have a reason, it was ‘yes, sir’ and ‘no, sir’ because if you didn’t – they have the gun and the badge and you were going to lose even if you were right.  So you did what was asked so you could leave. Why fight what couldn’t be fought?”

“Dad, listen to what you just said – ‘they have the gun and the bad and you were going to lose even if you were right’ – why is it that police have that much power in a country where we are innocent until proven guilty? Even with your argument – you just stated why people are angry and frustrated and fed up and they want their guns and they don’t trust their government to do right by them.”

And as usually happens at one point during these times, my dad sat back after I made that statement – and thought. And didn’t have a response because…..well, in the process of him trying to make a point, he proved the other side – stated what was the problem – and unlike others in his life, I was able to call him on it to make him think.

“Well, I guess I had hoped back then that most of the police were not bad guys.” was his simply comment after a momentary pause.

“And today would you make that same assumption?”

Crickets again as he thought.

My mom launched into her tirade – a passionately filled one but misguided.

“Mom, would you stop letting things rile you up? If the news riles you both up, stop fucking watching it! Because you don’t need the debate, color commentary, breakdown and analysis of events before you make up your minds – you know going in that it’s fucked up and wrong.  Why put aside the joy you have in your life and let that shit rile you up to the point where you want to throw something at someone?”

My dad started laughing.  “I wasted too many years forgetting the joy in life because it was overshadowed by me being pissed about something – so I get it.”

“Good – now both of you stop posting shit on Facebook – stop watching all the news channels when its just going to piss you off – and laugh at the poor dumbasses that you call friends get riled up about shit – don’t join in.”

Yeah, I guess I’m turning the tables on them a bit.

But I guess I just know sometimes how hard it is to live in this world where we have information and drama available for our viewing 24×7.  I guess I just want to laugh, be with people I love, and be happy.  And while I have passionate opinions about events in the world, I only have the power to influence so far. Outside of that, I have to hope things work out as they should.

Tis all any of us can really do in the end.

What do you think?

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