6 Business Days Away

Thinking ahead to our time together, I cannot help but wander back in memory to the last time we were at the coast.


In bed together.

Whispering our deepest erotic secrets with our hands and mouths all over each other.

Wet sheets.

A request to the front desk to make sure they changed the sheets the next day.

My pink cheeks as he requested it.

There are more times than I can admit that I have had thoughts about our time at the beach, and my hand drops between my legs. My fingers find my clit. And I get off on the memories – of the physical touch, the erotic talk, and how the energy felt. And  cum hard and fast – just like I did then.

Then  I think – 6 business days from today – 11 calendar days – and he and I will be there together – creating more memories.

Fuck – I cannot wait!

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