Things I’ve Done Today


1. Woke up to rain hitting the leaves outside of my window.  After 90+ degrees for more than a week, it was so lovely hearing the rain and feeling the cool air come inside.  Made it hard for me to get out of bed.

2. LIstened to an episode of Orange is the New Black and barely stifled my giggle as one woman commented to her friend that he’s marriage material because “He’s never wanted to fuck me up the ass” only to have her friend reply that maybe he’s saving that hole for marriage.  God, for that woman’s sake, I hope so – nothing like a good ass fucking…..(says the anal slut.)

3. Got the inside info from a cohort who reports to the executive board and has all of the good info.  I thanked him for keeping me in the loop – and he told me I am his confidant.  Love getting the info ahead of time so I can plan.

4. Got a photo of Maggie under the covers and so pink she’s almost read.  Shared it with SB who I knew would love the pit-a-roo smile.

5. Sent G off to San Diego Comicon.  Love that he got to do it again this year – he didn’t think he would.

6. Called a cohort a fucker for making me do extra work.   He is someone I respect and he was giving me shit -so….it fit.  And it made his brother – a guy who works for me –  laugh at his brother.

7. Learned that yelling at a Regional Director makes people love me even more.  Why? Because I outlined the process in such a way that it relieved the pressure on all of the parts.  Process is something people hate around here, but you explain the order-in-which-things-happen, vs calling it a process and you are a hero.  I can play word games.

8. Listened to a cohort vent and remembered why I never ever want to work with her on her team. Oy!

9. Almost forgot to pick up DJ from camp.  But got there just in time – and her counselor she is assisting this week gushed about her and how much he loves her.  Love that!

10. Bought a knife for DJ for Christmas.  Yes, I do buy presents year around, why do you ask?  I found it – it looked like a good deal/knife – and bought it.  Cheap enough that it’s no loss if it’s crap – but a good chance it may be something neat.  I love that I can buy my 14 year old a knife and know she’ll be giddy about it.

11. Got all squirmy as SB entered my mind – and would not leave.  I couldn’t sit or stand still.  Love that even if it does drive me nutty.

12. Tossed a comforter that has been on our bed recently because Maggie bit a hole in it – and, well, I’m sick of the ceiling fan causing a tornado of feathers in our room.

13. Finally bought more mutlivitamins that I love – hoping maybe the immune system boost will help with the allergies.

14. Listened and giggled at DJ who was telling me all about the fact that a tween-age boy in her group at camp is driving her crazy with his teen angst bullshit.  Her goal is to scare him into silence.

15. Sat at the dining room table and watched the sparrows and finches go to town on the bird feeder that someone filled with seeds.  Then watched the squirrel come sit below, and all but open his mouth to catch the falling seeds.

16. Reminded myself repeatedly that I can only work 7hr days this week at work because, sigh, I have to get DJ from work each day. That’s just too bad.  Smile!

17. Read probably the most accurate article of polyamory that I have read in a long time.  In The Atlantic of all places.  Go read it.  So much spoke to me, I’m pretty amazed.  Rarely do I feel that way about a mainstream media piece.

18. Drank a good beer and exhaled – contemplated what needs to get done tonight – but focused more on the fact it’s good to just be.

What do you think?

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