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IMG_2727I woke up this morning, rolled over, and was met with this face.  She had needed to go out in the middle of the night, then crawled in bed with us – right between us, with her head on the pillow and her body under the covers.  I guess she remembered me saying that if she had a bath, she could sleep with us.  She got her bath the other night – so she got a few hours in bed.

I got up, put on a dress for work, realized it may not cover some of my cane marks on my legs, spent 5 min in front of the mirror trying to figure out if I could wear it without showing them off at work.  While most women will ask “does this make my butt look big?”, I usually am asking “does this skirt cover my cane marks?”  Needless to say, dress 3 was the best bet for making sure I didn’t end up talking to HR about concerns I may be in an abusive relationship.

I came to work and through my usually browsing thru the internet, found this:

The fact it immediately made me giggle and think of a friend of mine who would find it equally as giggle worthy – well, that’s saying something about my friends.  So I sent it to her via text saying “thinking of you” to which she replied “awww…you’re so sweet!” then immediately with “hehehe – that’s too funny.”  Yeah, sometimes you need something giggle worthy.

A guy who is the director project management group for operations and my counterpart for this project pinged me on Skype to see how I was.  “I needed my Emmy fix and perspective on life” was his comment.  We chatted – he broke to me the news that this project could go into February of 2015 if the new plan is approved.  I started laughing and said I guess my smart ass comment about this project never getting done before 2015 was less smart ass comment and more foreshadowing.  He told me he now blames me for cursing him.  I pointed out that you have to take the original end date and add 7 months.  That was what the formula was for the first phase of the project, why would it not follow?  Yeah, it works out perfectly.   He then asked if I could guess which 3 countries would be last – got it first try!  He ended with telling me he owes me beers for helping him stay sane.

I went to my standing Thursday meeting with IT management that resulted in me having this face:
My director laughed at me because I’m pretty sure I made this exact face when something I said was reacted to in a way that told me they stopped listening at word 4 of my explanation.  I won’t even pretend I’ve got a good poker face when I encounter stupid.

Came back to my desk, pushed shuffle on my iPhone, and this song came up:

Made me think of SB and his lizard brain…. mmm…. and that video, well…..squirm…!

And because, well, I’m distracted now, I kinda feel like this where my status report is concerned:

Hunter S. Thompson and writer’s block.

I don’t have writer’s block, exactly – more like, I would rather be at home, in the hammock reading more of book 2 from the Game of Thrones Series (and yes, I know the series is really called A Song of Ice and Fire).  It’s really good so far.  The game  over the throne is one fucked up game of really bad chess – my overly simplistic summary.  I am truly enjoying trying to figure out the games everyone is playing and which side people are really on.  Though, I won’t pretend to be keeping the characters straight – there are a shitload of them (shitload being a highly technical measure of things).

So now I’m off to try to avoid email and try to do my status report.  Trying being the key word.

Happy Thursday – here’s a llama:

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