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I’ve been having quite the bout of insomnia – so maybe emptying my brain will help. It can’t hurt – along with some alcohol or twelve.

I’m not sure how I feel that Kickstarter approved a guy who wanted to raise money to make potato salad.  His target? $10.  His current total with 24 days to go? Almost $66K.  66,000 thousand dollars!!  His dream? To make potato salad. That’s it.

I have heard of people who have legitimate Kickstarters who have not had them accepted.

And a guy who wants $10 for making potato salad gets accepted.

I get it – anyone can ask for money for anything…..but potato salad? Really?  4500+ people have backed it.  The media are going crazy.  Yet…..yeah.

And someone I know has a husband who tried to raise money to produce his bbq sauce – and not enough to fund.  I don’t get it.  Guess he should have made potato salad?

I should mention that I have backed a number of projects with great success.  Only one has been a flop (2yrs later and nada).  I like supporting artisans on there – but potato salad? Nope.

The girls, each summer, go get their post-school haircuts.  Each year, they want to ‘grow out their hair’ during the school year – then they get their cuts in the summer when they comment it’s time.  This year they went to an adult version of Super Cuts.  I banned Super Cuts after last year they gave my teenager and pre-teen a haircut that looked like they were 7 and not their ages.  This year? Holy shit!  DJ looks like she’s 16 at least.  And Indigo looks like she’s in her mid-teens too.  It’s quite striking.  They are both happy.  Boy have times changed.

We have moved most of the furniture back into the house post-floor refinishing.  My favorite acquisition post-G’s grandmother’s death? The sidebar and dining room set.  The sidebar is marble on top – and has these great drawers and other storage spaces in it.  Add into it the fact we ended up with the bar set that always sat on top of it, and we feel like real grown-ups.  We also have some great glassware to go with it.  We need to have a cocktail party sometime just because.

And like some of the old school furniture because it seems like it has always belonged in our house.  The age of the pieces matches the almost 100 year old house we live in.  Makes all of the painting and floor refinishing worthwhile.  And the most awesome part? The girls LOVE it too – so they are (without asking) taking care of the house – putting stuff away, etc.  Great stuff.

Orange is the New Black is a show that I both love and hate. I love it because it’s interesting because it is truly a fish-out-of-water story about a middle -to-upper-class white woman who ends up in prison after transporting drugs for her college girlfriend.  Years later, after they have broken up – and she’s engaged – she is prosecuted for it – and given jail time.  Good show.  I hate it because it shines a bright spotlight on the inequities in terms of women in prison for crime.  The backstories of some of these women are sad, touching, heartbreaking, and amazing.  The economic difference that dictate difference in treatment – the way race effect how prisoners are treated.  It’s all quite true – and telling.  I have never had illusions of how fairly people are or are not treated based on these factor but to see a realistic portrayal is definitely eye opening.  Can’t wait to watch more.

And you know the series is important when your teenage daughter who is very socially aware asks if she can watch it because she has read great things about it – and wants to see this amazing, thought provoking story.  I gave her my approval because, well, she could handle it.  But not Indigo.

We have been harping on DJ to clean her room for months.  She will start and never finish.  Then on Monday, I get a text from her – “Can my friend Joe come over and watch anime with me on the big screen upstairs?”  I said it would be fine – told her to check with G for times, etc.  I came home last night and again tonight to find that she had cleaned her room – she went through all of her clothes including her cosplay stuff – gone thru all of her books – returned the 12 spoons that she found in her room – and the 10 glasses.  She did laundry and swept.  All because Joe is coming over.

While G is shaking his head at the idea that her “friend” could be more than that in her eyes, I’m cheering her on.  Whatever the fuck it takes.  G is happy she is not really interested in Joe.  Well, I’m not so sure about that.  Needless to say, she will have chaperones during the day.  Not that I’m worried – between her taekwondo and the various sharp poky things she owns and her various other weapons – I’m sure she can correct any unwanted advances.  Unwanted being the key word there.

Poor G isn’t ready for this.

Today I had the amazingly stupid day ever.  It was so stupid that I just sat back and shook my head at the stupid.  And reminded myself not to engage. Though the funniest part of my day?  When my boss told me about his interactions with our tax analyst on our team during the time I was gone.  Let’s just say he now understands and feels my pain.  A week ago when I worked my only day of work last week, he got upset when I went from simple conversation to raising my voice out of frustration and drawing attention to my conversation with her.  He intervened.  That happened no less than twice last week.  I giggled at him pretty opening as he described his annoyance.  Then I suggested he attend the meeting tomorrow so he can find out how little she is actually getting done.  Back a whole day and a half, and I’m not sure she’s doing anything during her 10hr days she is reporting each day.  He agreed.  Tomorrow could be interesting.

DJ learned today the importance of hydration when it’s 95 degrees outside.  She went to taekwondo only to turn white at the start and having to run from the room.  And they are in A/C too.  She ran to her room when they got home.  I sent Indigo upstairs with a huge glass of ice water.  She’s starting to feel better now.  But damn.  She is definitely not a kid who grew up in Iowa – that’s for sure.

Maggie is funny.  She has been chasing her kong around the room for the last hour – and has the biggest grin on her face.  What a goofy dog.  She hasn’t been happy lately because I think she has fleas and I’m sick of getting bit as we wait for the meds to kick in.  Plus, it’s too fucking hot.

My poor kitty on the other hand has gotten old overnight.  She went from jumping everywhere to not being able to jump even a short distance.  She keeps missing.  Elderly pets are hard to have.

The Germany – Brazil game today was painful.  I was just tracking it online in real-time.  I was going to launch my trusty Spanish streaming site to watch it at work.  But seeing Germany 2pts so early, then blinking only to see them hit 4pts…..I chose to skip it.  My cohort who played college soccer told me I made a good choice.  He took a late lunch so he could watch it.  He gave up at 45min and came back to work early.

But the Tour de France has been interesting so far.  Did he or did he not deliberately cause the crash?  How will they do with the cobble stones tomorrow? And how many times will the camera man catch the bikers stopped alongside the road taking a wizz?  These are important things!

Indigo has decided she wants to grow food and cook it.  So we are letting her cook meals – and I helped her plant her garden in the backyard.  She has been doing a good job watering and such.  I like that she’s finding her own interests and such.  And seems committed to doing stuff.  She needs that.

Tomorrow – ahh, tomorrow – tomorrow, I get to see SB, my Daddy, after two weeks apart.  I cannot express how happy I am.  I have missed him more than I even realized – and that’s saying something as I thought I was pretty aware of how much I was missing him.  But today – it hit me – like a ton of bricks – how fucking much I missed him. How much I had hoped to see him before our plans this weekend.  It struck me in a way I was not expecting.  Not at all.  So after some back and forth, we settled on tomorrow.  I cannot wait. Fuck, I may sneak out early if he’s able to get there early because I doubt I will get much done in the afternoon as I watch the clock before its time to go.

What can I say? I love that man so very much.

I had made a comment to G about it taking me by surprise – he laughed at me and said “Damn you for caring about him so much!  Whatever you need to do, please do  – I’ve got your back.”

Yeah, I am well aware how luck of a girl I am – no need to tell me.  I thank the universe more than most realize for the key people I have in my life.  I truly do.

And I leave you with a thought I had today as I was dealing with multiple idiots at work….

Yeah, I can get behind that – 🙂

What do you think?

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