That is the one word I’d use to describe last night.


Perfect company.

Perfect wine.

Perfect conversation.

Perfect laughter.

Perfect passion.


I cannot help but smile to myself when I think about last night and this morning.  I can almost feel myself glowing.

Hearing his chuckles as he encounters DJ outside – DJ in her full zombie makeup from the camp she was helping at this week.  Hilarious.

Seeing him light up when a parent of DJ’s friend showed up unexpectedly and started talking about the work she did – work that was truly of interest to him.  Good stuff.

Eating dinner last night with SB and DJ – after Maggie stole a steak.  Talking – laughing – sharing a good meal with perfect company.  And being able to be us in front of DJ – and have her totally without reaction about it.  Priceless.

Curling up on the couch to watch Game of Thrones while sipping some scotch. Wonderful.

Standing in the dining room refilling glasses – talking in room that was dark except for the light of the porch shining through.  Have conversations about us – stealing kisses – touching each other the entire time – and sharing what’s in our heads. Intimate.

Then stumbling to bed – shedding clothes and curling up together – drunk, happy, and loved.  Relaxing.

Waking up this morning, curled up around each other, kissing each other good morning as we are both in the post-evening haze.  Happy, but fuzzy.

Yes, we can be kinky.

Yes, we can be sexy.

But these evenings – these moments – they stay with me more than the bruises and the other stuff.

I truly love this man.

Oh, and not to think kink and all doesn’t happen ~ my nipples are rather sore too.  Another reason to smile!

What do you think?

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