Distraction Needed


Been a long week already – between work, a house project that resulted in a new project,  sleepless nights, and feeling drop – I have decided I need a distraction from life right now.  And try to bob-and-weave my way away from those who keep trying to do some drive-by problem dumping on me.  I had three people do that to me all at the same time last night.  It’s no wonder why at 8:30pm, I went to bed and pulled the covers over my head.  Sadly, I couldn’t stay there today.  So instead, I’m trying to keep my mouth shut because I don’t trust what will come out of it today.

So distractions – yeah – need some of those now –

First up – Pugs of Westeros – Game of Thrones with Pugs:

And now – bunnies sticking their tongues out….

Or photographs what make your stomach drop if you are afraid of height – like I am…this one made me cringe….a lot.

Or cool treehouses….some would be pretty awesome to go stay in.  Yes, I know I’m saying this after mentioning I’m afraid of heights.  This one is Whistler is pretty neat.

Or entertaining pictures depicting the most commonly misheard lyrics…

What do you think?

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