Too Much Buffy


alternate title: Joss Whedon is a God.

Ok, maybe not a God, but he is amazing.  His characters are real – like REAL stuff comes out of their mouths no matter if they are fighting demons and vampires or if they are out in space

I have been rewatching the Buffy series.  And I keep coming across things that make me laugh because they are so clever, but also make me go “yes, YES! That’s exactly the way I feel! I truly understand!!!”

And this is one of them.  Spike says this to Buffy.  If memory serves, she kinda wigs out because he’s saying he loves her.  So he responds this way:

Perfect words.
Perfect explanation.
Perfectly how I feel when I use those words.

I say it as a gift – as an acknowledgement – that I see you as a person & I still love you. I don’t expect anything back – it’s my gift.  And if I say it a lot more than you are used to, it is because I don’t want it to go unsaid. Life’s too short -and things are too uncertain – so I say it

What do you think?

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