Random Musings

  • I am living the movie Groundhog’s Day except only at work.  Holy hell. How many times can we relive the same situation over and over and over again – and each time, boom, we do it again.  Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Einstein  – It’s why I often comment I work at an insane asylum!
  • I am in a meeting blogging – and my director is in the same meeting reviewing running tips on a running website.  He’s trying to do it without anyone seeing – but, well, I guess that was a fail.  And shows you how important we all think this meeting is.
  • A friend has – in the past 4 days – had two different guys pretend to be who they aren’t in an effort to try to get her to invite them to her house.  The first time? Bad bad bad.  The second time? Learn from the first time! Geesh!  I found the first guy out by searching by his photo on Google Images.  She found the second one after agreeing to meet him and asking for a recent photo.  I kept asking “do you have a name from this guy?”  She wouldn’t answer me.  I worry about her right now because that’s twice now.  Ugh.
  • I am pretty amused by the fact that the Washington Redskins lost their trademark.  I guess it demonstrates how you can use the law – the same law the giant company used to keep their trademark – to get rid of it.  I enjoy clever people.  That’s why I’m amused.
  • I started this post yesterday but didn’t have time to finish it because I was forced to work. Geesh!
  • Today is the first day I have not had to worry about my bite marks on my neck being seen by all who I work with.  I’d ask SB to be more careful, but fuck – I love it when he bites my neck – and, well, it’s a small price to pay for what usually devolves into a pretty hot primal-like time between us.  Hell, just the thought as I’m writing this is making me grin and squirm and ahh…
  • I took a week off from working out – felt guilty about it 100% of the time – and yesterday started in where I left off.  Had to be done.  It was good to see I didn’t slide backwards or anything.  I’m doing T25 which has two different levels – I’m on the harder level now, so I worried I wouldn’t be able to jump back into it even after a week.  No worry needed – feeling it a bit today but only because I pushed hard.  But I want to keep on it – I’m 24 weeks into this whole working out thing – and no falling off the horse.
  • G and Indigo are off to California to pick up his new VW engine for his bus.  Great thing? He got a call from them a couple days ago saying “by the way, if you have spare engine parts – we’ll pay cash for them.”  Score! The huge pile of VW engines in the basement is gone!
  • Yesterday I worked too much.  My filter was off, and I was in the mood to smoosh people’s noses into the fact they just want to say no before looking at what they are saying no to.  Started at 7:30am – ended at 3pm.  No wonder I was in the mood to come home and workout!
  • I need to go get some maglites because I have this desire to try out “light painting” – a photography method where you use the dark, long exposures, and a maglite to create a neat nighttime lighting effect.
  • I am actually going to see how running goes for me on Sunday morning.  G has been going to a trail run group in Forest Park.  I love running trails and thought – what the hell, why not tag along.  Granted, I asked him 30 times if there were some that ran/walked it, which he assured me there was.  I have this mental thing from when I ran cross country that if you are going to call yourself a runner, you should always be running on runs, never walking.  Even now that I know there is a style that combines running and walking – old thoughts are hard to change.  Especially if I am joining a group (in the short term) that I used to be annoyed with.
  • I LOVE seeing this!  Ok – it’s the ball player in me that loves it.  But I love seeing women getting recognition.

Happy Thursday!

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