Moving Out


That title can mean so many things – and I wish it were more exciting, more titillating if you will, but it simply means – we’re moving out of the first floor of our house this weekend so we can get the floors replaced in two rooms and refinished in two rooms.  Given there are three ways to get into our house and upstairs or to our bedroom – and all three go through one of the rooms being done – well, our choice was to move out for a week.

So today we continue to pack up rooms, deal with area rugs, deal with the dust ,deal with all the weird things we find hidden behind heavy furniture – and deal with, inevitably, the dead mice the cat has tossed behind those places she knew would be missed by the broom.  We get to continue to go thru the stuff and decide if there is any value with keeping it – or if it is time to move it along or pack it away.

The kitchen is going to be the worst.  All surfaces cleared away – the fridge moved to the porch, then plugged in with the hopes the food will survive this project.

I guess this is the mixed blessing of SB being out of town this weekend.  No worrying about getting everything done so I can see him.  No rushing back home so I can make sure things get done – and help.  Not that I like not seeing him – don’t get that impression – not at all. It’s hard only seeing this guy a couple times of week, at most.  Then go almost 10 days without seeing him – not an easy thing for either of us.  But at least we both get do our thing without worry about how it impacts the other negatively.  We just get to miss each other instead.

Then tomorrow morning, I am doing a trailrun with G. My first run in way too long.  Should be interesting given the workouts I have been doing the past 24 weeks.

But today – we have to move out.

I cannot wait to get this out of the way.

What do you think?

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