Missing Sleep


Sleep has been elusive for me.  Ten days ago, I was pretty sure it was hormone related. (Spike in hormones before the start of a cycle always seems to make an insomniac out of me.)

Once that passed, I figured it was because of the stress of getting the house packed and moved for the flooring guys.  I figured that stress as well as the related pieces like ‘where will we sleep’, etc were all factoring into my lack of sleep.   Stress will do that to me especially if it is all consuming.   Once we got passed that, I figured I’d sleep.

But then allergies kicked into overload – and well, that screwed with my sleep some more as I wake up in the middle of the night to sneezing and running nose and watery eyes.  Yeah, even with my allergy meds, I get that.

If it isn’t one thing lately, it’s another.

So here I am at work, physically exhausted – stressed about my week – feeling like my life is too upside down for me right now – too much so that I cannot sleep.

My own bed is out.  And even if it weren’t out, the chaos of the house right now is enough to send me through the roof.  Haven’t seen Daddy in over a week – he grounds me so much that I always seem to get my best sleep while wrapped around him, and he around me.

I just keep reminding myself I just need to get through today.  Tonight, I go to see Daddy – and spend the night.  Tonight he and I will both sleep.  And even if we don’t, the state of bliss we put ourselves into will give me the rest I need to recharge.

It always does somehow.


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