Magical Connectedness


There are times when I am physically alone, but I know I’m not alone.  I know there are these connections between us – these amazing connections where we feel each other even when we aren’t there together.  The connection can happen so many ways. I can listen to certain music that evokes memories and makes me think of certain people or situations that bring me comfort – bring me closer to people even if they are far.  Makes me feel less alone.

I’ve been taking advantage of these connections more and more this week as people I care about are not around – people I’m used to spending time with  during my day or week.  Life takes us different directions from those we care about sometimes.  And that’s great. It’s good – because usually those things feed a part of them somehow – which in turn feeds our relationship with them.  Regardless of all of that – I still miss them.

But I love them more than I miss them – so it’ll all be fine. Until then, I will savor the magical connections we have.  Thank goodness for that magic.

What do you think?

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