Bouncing Around


It’s funny to me sometimes how I can have so much in my head bouncing around yet not find words to put in a blog post.

I could continue to do a summary of things bouncing around in my head but it seems to be the norm these days versus the occasional exception.  But, then again, I am feeling burned out and sometimes I feel like all I can do is make lists.

Right now we are living out of a hotel room. The hopes of getting back into our house Friday before we left for Seattle is out the window.  Saturday is the new date for the floors to be done.  Between crew being sick and a minor hiccup on the first day, they ended up a day behind despite their best efforts.  One one hand, this is not unexpected.  We both thought Friday was aggressive but remained hopeful given they were hopeful.  But no dice.

As I was getting the news yesterday at work, I looked at a calendar, consulted my vacation balance, and decided to take most of next week off.  Six days off for the price of three days of vacation.  Works for me.  SO, I’m going to paint the living room – first time in 15 years.  I’m going to paint the dining room – never been painted in the 15 years that we’ve owned the house.  Should be easy to get done.   Painting is one of those things I enjoy – weird, I know but I put on some good music and find that rhythm and it’s all good.

Figured I should take advantage of the fact the house is empty.

And one day during that time, I’m hoping to reconnect with SB who is out of town again (for good stuff – I’m excited for  him).  The upside is him feeding his soul through doing things he love – the downside is our time away from each other.  We will live – insert absence makes the heart grow fonder and all of that.   He and I do need a block of time where we can just be together and soak each other in.   It’ll happen soon, I know.  I calculated my vacation time accordingly so it can happen.

And hopefully by that time, my allergies get under control so that he isn’t worrying about me in the middle of the night and waking me up to feed me drugs so I’ll sleep better.  Though, finding some time at the ocean may help that too.

But before then, I need to get through this weekend and next week.  Then hopefully life will quiet down a bit – and stress can go down.

Here’s to hoping.

Until then – I just have to get thru work too…..where this is a good theme:

What do you think?

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