A Journey Thru My Thoughts


Let’s see….

Ok – I think I’m caught up on all of the stupid Facebook surveys that keep popping up across my feed.

Getting up in the morning on days where my workout is just gonna suck is not easy.  The workout this morning was one of them.  The internal dialog between the alarm going off and actually getting out of bed is like this:

“Oh God, it’s that workout that’s going to have me cursing the creator and anyone around me.  Maybe I’ll do it later.  But I can’t do it later because there is a school thing going on and I have to go there instead of home.  What if I skip it today?  I’ll do it tomorrow.  But I don’t want to get up extra early tomorrow to do two workouts especially if one is that one.  Fine – I’ll get up …..this is going to suck.”

Then I get my assed kicked doing the workout.  And at the end, as I’m ready to collapse on the floor and question life decisions.  But I did it – it’s done and ow. I guess that means it did its job too.  Have I mentioned the creator of this program did so after creating another program called Insanity?  Yeah, that should give you an idea of what that is all about.

Then I go to work, deal with fires, but sit in what is supposed to be an hour long conference call.  It’s 15 min in the end, so my boss and his boss and I all sit around talking about sports.  Can’t argue with that, I guess.

I love that my neighbors all love my pit-a-roo Maggie.  She got out the other day – thru the front door unseen.  Our neighbor two doors down from us brought her back to us – laughing the whole time.  Maggie, of course, had a huge smile on her face  – a pitbull smile is funny and a clear indication of happy.  Then our next door neighbor cornered me just to say he was in love with her “she’s coolier than hell” was his comment.  Then she used her head to knock out a board in the fence – and he laughed and fixed it.  What a goofy girl.

Tomorrow night is the art opening at the erotic gallery I curate in the local sex club.  I’m excited because it is one of the better shows.  The photographer uses old school photography styles (like 100 yr old techniques) to create these amazing images on glass plates.  Between the stellar art and the fact he has arranged to have models wandering in rope and the leather gear another artist created for him will result in a pretty stellar event.  I’m excited to show his work.

Ok – well now that my random thoughts have been dumped, I guess I should get one with my day !  Happy Wednesday!

What do you think?

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