Thoughts from a Fuzzy Mind

  • The protein shake I drink in the mornings has proven to be great for counteracting the after effects of drinking too much wine.  Win!
  • Someone or something is trying to hack my site.  Thankfully I added more security to it a while ago after a China IP was hitting my site every 10 min leading to spectacular site stats but clearly was a hack attempt.  The good news is that the settings allow me to block easily. The bad news – I get notified each time. In 8hrs overnight, I got 115 email alerts for it.
  • I love the fact that I have bruises all over my legs.  The effects of having a hard headed pitbull who is still a puppy, all legs, and is truly a bull in a china shop.
  • The upside of having a complex password requirement at work? When I change passwords, I can change them to amuse me.  My new one makes me grin each time I type it.  Some see it as an annoyance (complex password requirements) – I see it as a chance to amuse myself.
  • I’m remembering why I love Joss Whedon and Buffy.  Great lines like “oh, you’re hurting me! I like that.”
  • I have rescheduled one country so many times that it is now going live over a year past when it was originally supposed to go live.  Nope, no problems with this big project. <eye roll>
  • As I walked into work today, I passed a homeless guy who reminded me of a time G gave a homeless guy his t-shirt.  While on the surface, that statement may imply he did it because the guy needed clothes or something like that.  G was wearing a dark blue t-shirt with yellow block letters that said “Undercover Police” on the front.  The guy stopped him and commented that he loved the shirt.  G chatted with the guy for a minute, then decided it would be amusing to have a homeless guy with his sign trying to get money wearing an Undercover Police shirt.  So, he gave it to him.  We wondered later how much money he got out of people being amused by it.  That shirt was always an IQ test for people.
  • I like cooking for SB.   What can I say – I guess I’m more service oriented than I thought – though it’s with him I feel that. Taking care of my Daddy is something I enjoy.
  • Soccer game tonight! Cannot wait to see the Thorns play again.  And twice in one week too! Yay!!

What do you think?

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