Sleep and Gardening



Oh, wouldn’t I love to consistently get some sleep.

At SB’s, I seriously slept for probably 12+hrs.  Then I came home to get little sleep.  Yawn.  Last night, I fell asleep really really early – because I was exhausted.  Only to be up at 11:30pm, then again at 1am, then again at 2:30am, then again at….you get the idea.

I finally dragged myself out of bed at 6:35am this morning, tossed on some clothes, and went to work.  Coffee is my friend.

Though I wish to be better friends with sleep.

And I figured I would be able to sleep last night. I had spent over 5hrs in the yard getting it tidied up with the help of the girls and G and the cat.  We trimmed trees, mowed lawns, weeded, planted veggies, swept under the arbor, cut more bushes,  raked some more, and swept some more.  It’s not 100% done, but it’s pretty damn close.  Good stuff.  Good tiring stuff that made me sore.  But not tired enough.

But there was something nice about clearing out the old, dead growth that is blocking sun – preventing other things to grow.  There is something poetic about that process – something philosophical and translatable to the rest of life.  Clearing out the dead – the growth that is blocking the sun – so that the stuff you want to grow can.

Just another reason I enjoy gardening, I guess.

Now if it can lead to sleep, I’ll be in business.


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