Random Thoughts by Emmy

  • I took my work inbox from 6000 mail messages down to 14.  That was how I spent my afternoon.  And I realized my deleted item has 59,000 messages in it.  Holy fuck! These date back to when I started at this place nearly three years ago.  Guess this is what happens when you take an IT person out of IT Operations –  they become a user.
  • My annoying analyst….let me rephrase: one of my annoying analysts took a job in another group – one of crazy groups.  He is now doing the little kid thing where he acts as though the change has somehow elevated his status to epic proportions, so when he comes down to our floor, he’s gracing us with his presence.  Yeah, well, since he still works for me one day a week, I take that chance to knock him back on his ass because regardless of what PARALLEL JOB MOVE he may have made, he still does a half-assed job on anything he’s given.   Little does he know our feeling was “good riddence”.
  • One of the best nights this week? Me, Daddy, steaks, good red wine – and laughing at my kids followed by cuddles on the couch.  I’m still buzzing from that night – and that man.
  • I have decided I want a sign on my car that says “I don’t care what color you are – you start rooting around in your pockets as you walk towards me in the middle of the street, you are going to hear door locks and someone prepared to zoom away.  Nothing personal, I just refuse to be a victim and will take what steps I can to prevent it.”  I got a weird look at a guy who, when I was stopped at a light – middle lane of a one way street – behind several cars, he walks out towards my car as he’s digging in his pockets.  I checked locks and started plotting my get away.  Woman alone in the city in the early morning?   Dude – ya gotta know I’m going to watch my own back!
  • It was 90 degrees yesterday.  The dogs after spending the morning in the sun on the deck came inside and plopped on the couch.  Like she was made of liquid, Maggie slowly slid off of the couch and hit the floor with a boom.  She then rolls onto her other side, stretched out as far as she can, and gives me the biggest, goofiest pitbull grin I have ever seen – and falls asleep just like that.  Guess she was warm, the floor was colder, and she took the lazy journey to get there.
  • Last night, it took me 15 min to get from home to the airport, then 35 min to get half a block between the start of arrival pickups to where G was waiting.  Then it took me 15 min to get us home.  The irony was not lost on me either.
  • I was talking to one of the parents at the school last night. Her kids recently started taekwondo – and have class at the same time as DJ.  She was telling me about another mom who has made it a game to see what she can say that would shock someone.  I chuckled at different things this woman has said to this mom – and all I kept thinking was “yeah, I’d win that game.” – then made a note to myself never to start to play that game because, well, I could win and would win and uhm……there is no unhearing things after they are heard.  Though it would be fun.
  • Two weekends in a row. Two different part of the Oregon Coast.  Two different men that I love and adore.  It is not lost on me how luck of a girl I am.
  • DJ’s 8th grade project is almost done – and met a snag at the end.  Good thing there is a a plan B.
  • Garbanzo the Cat is near the end.  He is 19 years old and his body is shutting down.  He has lost 4lbs in a year – and despite our efforts, I feel like he’s just losing more and more weight.  Yesterday, I truly worried if G would be coming home to a cat – he was in that bad of shape.  Today G goes and talks to the vet.  His age and diagnosis (kidney disease) pretty much means he’s out of options.  This is the part where it sucks to be a pet owner.  We are responsible for their living but also play God in deciding when it is time for them to go.  We shall see what happens.

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