Flipping Channels


There are sometimes I aimless browse around the internet like I’m looking for something.

But I don’t have anything in mind – I’m looking more for an idea – a spark that might light a thought – a thought of something to photograph or write about – or maybe even a thought someone else had the better expresses what I am feeling or thinking, but cannot put into words.

But usually I get annoyed.  Mainly because I’m not sure what I’m wanting in that moment but sure am finding what I’m not interesting it.  It’s like browsing a bookstore where most of the books are crap.  There is no fun in that search – just annoyance.

It’s almost worse than flipping channels on a TV when you know nothing you will find will really be what satisfies – just more of the same.

A former mentor described this behavior as the result of smart people getting mentally burned out. You come home brain-tired. You don’t want to think anymore – but you do – and you want to do something but you don’t or you can’t because you are cooked.

Yeah, been one of those nights tonight – which tells me it’s time to step away – and find a book.

What do you think?

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