Feeling Stupid


I hate feeling stupid.

Most people do but I hate it to a point where it almost makes me sick.

I had a mentor in the past tell me there is strength in knowing what you know, and knowing what you don’t know – and being able to tell the difference is the key.  While I believe that and saw it demonstrated, I still hate not knowing the answer – hate when a question that is framed with “I have no idea what I’m asking, so bear with me” – is met with condescending words and attitude taking me from being an adult of 40 down to being the kid in the back of a classroom, not understanding what is being explained in class, but feeling too stupid to ask the question because of the response received.

Funny how a small situation can take you back to that point.  Can make you shrink.  Can take you from a place you are comfortable being vulnerable not knowing something to totally uncomfortable to the point you cannot escape fast enough.  What is worse is when that person is “trying to help” and trapping you there longer.

And it doesn’t matter, even a little, that maybe that person doesn’t mean to come across that way – just sucks when you feel talked down to instead of talked to.  When the words “I have no idea what I’m asking, so bear with me” are tossed aside as though they were never uttered – and you should know better than to ask what you did.

Yeah – not the way I wanted to start my day.  Funny how something that what occurs in the span of 10 minutes can take me from a good place to a bad one …..that is hard to recover from.

What do you think?

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