The Pile O’ Fun

It’s funny how the universe works sometimes.  How it can present you with a lot of stuff to figure out – and decide to do it all at the same time.  Kinda like looking at you and what you are doing, and saying “hey, while you’re at it – here are a few other ones for you to consider”.

Gee, thanks, Universe – you bastard.

That’s how I’m feeling about my week and the crap piling on.

  • Tax fun? Check!
  • Death in the family? Check!
  • Dog biting the neighbor kid? Check!
  • Old friend being a total ass to me in a public place? Check!
  • Arranging schedules so G can go out of town? Check & Check!

I’ll exclude the usual work fun because, well, that’s typical and thankfully could be worse – it has been worse.

Yesterday seemed to be a huge culmination of the crap.  A good time spent with Daddy – feeling good, enjoying the time together – ended in a splat.  Old friend doing something shitty to me.  And given everything else going on – it’s no wonder why it hit me in the way that it did.  A friendship that, to be frank, was approaching that point where a decision needed to get made – can it be fixed, or does it need to be  put down, so to speak.

Funny how that is now the same conversation we’re having about our 11 year old black lab.  His behavior is so erratic – so unpredictable – that we no longer know what can be done to control it.  He shoved past our daughter, ran out the door, and bit her friend – a kid who has been to our house a milion times.  Thankfully, he didn’t break skin because of the clothes the kid was wearing.  In 7 months, we have gotten aggression from him 3 times that I can think of immediately.  No rhyme, no reason – just flips out.  His behavior at night is such that I finally locked him in the bathroom because he was pacing like a caged animal.  So, the question we have to ask ourselves: can it be fixed or is it time to put him down?

My saving grace with all of these hard things that I’m going through is having SB in my life – to let me vent to him when I need it – to support me as I support others – and to hug me tight when I feel like I’m falling apart – helping keep me together – loving me.

I know weeks like this will pass.  And while I would like to tell the Universe to fuck off – I can’t quite do it…..

….because the Universe, the same one that has given me this week, put SB and me together (and back together)……and knowing that – and feeling it…..well, I am reminded how blessed I am.

What do you think?

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