Photos: Cats


We wandered the neighborhood last night – taking a walk before the sun sets.  We crossed the street and encountered the cats.  Two cats that look like brothers. But the owner assured us were adopted at the local humane society a year apart.

As we pet these beautiful, fat cats, the owner came outside to talk to us.  He has been in our neighborhood for a bit longer than we have.  He owned a place, then bought a four-plex that he now lives in.  He adopted the cats – shared with us his story of cancer – and his discovery of his passion for stained glass art.

“Would you like to see what I do?” he asked G after giving me compliments about my camera.

“Sure,” G replied, “mind showing me?”

So while I photographed his cats:

G went to see his art. I wandered over to them and his art space – and was blown away.  Glass weaves.  Some amazing huge glass pieces of art.  They were amazing – and his setup was great.

“After I battled cancer, I was out to figure out what I wanted to do – what I wanted to try.  So I wandered into an art store, saw they were clearancing all of their stained glass supplies, so bought it all.”

He showed us photos of his work, showed us pieces in the works, and showed us his inspiration for future pieces.

“Thank you for showing us your work” we both said.  It was nice to have him show us.  You could see his passion – and his work reflected it.

I may have to leave him photos of his cats as a thank you.  Seems fitting.

What do you think?

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