Photos: Best Laid Plans


Sometimes the urge to go shoot photos is overwhelming. I’m itching to go do it.  But the question becomes – of what?  Sure I could go wander through the neighborhood and take photos like these (that I did of my tulips in my front yard):

or this…

And I might get one I find interesting, like this:

But then the question becomes – what else?  I wandered around with Indigo wondering what to shoot – when we went by the concert hall -and I remembered something I thought about shooting a long time ago, but can’t recall if I did.  The caps of the barriers because they look like this:

These are the size of a baseball – so thank goodness I had on my camera my macro lens.

This last one was funny because Indigo, when I wondered aloud why they chose a spider, proceeded to explain to me it was related to some African folk tales –  then told me about them.  Yay education system.  Well done!

Then we wandered the area known as the South Park Blocks – and I was finding interesting shots of contrast:

Through the trees, you have the old church steeple which is framed by the brand new glass high rise.  I like the contrast of nature against old against brand-new.

We say Abe:

Some interesting flowers:

Then another shot of the steeple through a tree – this tree with ferns growing on it.  I love the Pacific NW for this reason – a mother tree, I think it’s called – a living tree that has babies, if you will – nursing other plants that grow in the forest, or, in this case, in the middle of the city.

Then we found the lady herself – Portlandia.

Sitting on her perch on a building in downtown Portland – she was created by an artist based on the city of Portland’s seal.  She is 34ft 10inches tall, and would be 50ft tall if standing.  She has a poem written for her – written by Portland resident Ronald Talney.  It is this:

She kneels down

and from the quietness

of copper

reaches out.

We take that stillness

into ourselves

and somewhere

deep in the earth

our breath

becomes her city.

If she could speak

this is what

she would say:

Follow that breath.

Home is the journey we make.

This is how the world

knows where we are.

Seems so appropriate given Oregon’s motto is: Alis volat propriis which translates to “She Flies With Her Own Wings”.

While it is a random set of photos, I do love this city.  And love the images I capture.

What do you think?

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