“I love you.”

We had been talking about life and family and experience – a typical Sunday morning as we sip our coffee on his couch.  We were touching each other’s arms as we looked intently as each other – whoever was telling the story – when he said it.

And at that moment – I felt those words travel between us – shoot straight into my heart almost making me feel lightheaded.  We have said those words to each other many times – but sometimes, at the right moment, it’s like an energy surge right into the heart, making it warm and glow.

“I love you

I returned. Truly and without hesitation – not saying it out of obligation but because there are times just like these where I feel it so incredibly strong that I get it – I feel it between us.

Life is made up of moments.  Moments that are really the memories of importance.  Sometimes they are huge – like the birth of a child.  Sometimes they are when you realize you changed your thinking – like I realized how my mom was done with her family’s disrespect of her and our family.  And sometimes – it is something like this……a moment that you can truly feel etched into your heart forever.

What do you think?