Hard to Be Too Sad


After a rocky day or so, I woke up – worked out – and was feeling pretty damn good about things – about life.  I found myself in a good head space – the love and positive energy from the right people clearly made a huge difference.  Put me in a better headspace.

I got to work early like I had hoped – when I got the call.

“She has passed.”

At 100 years old and about 5 months, she has left for the next great adventure.

It’s funny how I am both sad but happy.  I’m happy that this incredible woman found her way around that sun 100 times.  She had always wanted to have that adventure – that was always her goal.  Longevity being a huge thing in her family, she was going to beat the family record and see 100.  And she did.  Her birthday was spectacular – surrounded by her entire family – both kids with her daughter-in-law, her brother and his wife, her grandchild and her granddaughter-in-law, and her great grandchildren.  All her friends having passed before her.  We were all that was left – but enough – the right people to help celebrate.

She was at her best those couple of days – alert, communicating, and genuinely happy.  I captured a few great photos of her and others.  It was her day – she reached her goal – a great milestone.

None of us believed she would hit 101.  Maybe it is because like her husband before her, she had kept going long enough to do what she wanted – the last great hurrah – the perfect high note before saying goodbye.  Knowing when to leave the party.

Her passing was quick.  No surprise really – she was never one to dwell on anything.  Always ready to tackle what was next.

G is sad – but feels incredibly blessed. He got 40 years with this wonderful person.  His kids got to meet her and know her in more ways than he ever knew his great grandparents.  How can  you be sad when you reflect on the life someone led and know they led a wonderful one – an adventurous one?

Part of me is sad, but mainly because it is in times like this, I cannot help but recall the passing of the people in my life that were most important to me.  Each one, too soon before their time.  But I look at Grandmother and smile because that lady had one hell of a ride.

How can you not smile through the sadness when you realize that?

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