Hay fever sent me back to bed on Friday.  The bushes and trees all around our house have all conspired to bloom at the exact same time – something that just caused major havoc on my system.  Toss in some wet, cold weather – and we can probably add some mold into the mix.  Yay.

Once I got up – worked out (because guilt was not going to let me skip my double-workout-day) – showered, I went and took photos.  I needed to do it.  I needed to feed my soul with something instead of depleting it as I had been doing during the week.  So I went to a pioneer cemetery that I had passed many times – wandered – and shot pictures.  Cemeteries are peaceful places (but the worst place to be when the zombies rise from the dead, as DJ likes to point out).  I was alone except for the birds and a squirrel.  It was perfect.

Friday night, we saw a friend from college and her family.  Always a good times – and full of good food and drink.  They are not ones to skimp on either.  It was good to catch up – see how they were doing.

Saturday, something happened that I have never had happen before – G bought me a new notebook.  That may sound odd if you don’t understand things between us – but I have purchased all hardware in this house since we got married.  I’m the one who manages our money, so I know what we can afford, when, etc.  When his laptop died several months after I started my current job, I got enough overtime that I bought him a new one.  It’s one of those weird things that happens.

About a week or so ago, DJ’s laptop (my first macbook pro from 8 yrs ago) died.  We contemplated buying her a used one when I suggested that since mine was the older of our two that we upgrade my Macbook and hand my old one down to her.  It was like Christmas – for both of us.  While my screen is now smaller – the retina display is fucking amazing. Yes, so amazing, I am swearing.  Good stuff.  And DJ who is like me in many ways almost fell over – she did not expect this to happen.  But given she took such amazing care of the last one, she earned the right for something better.  The kid takes nothing for granted – I love that.

Then Daddy and I had date night – drinks, dinner, more drinks, lots of giggles and all.  It was the final part of the exhale I needed from the stress of the week.  Curling up in his arms, listening to him breath as my breath naturally matches his – feeling his energy course through me and mine through him – and just feeling at peace.


I am so blessed to have that man in my life.

The weekend is ending on a stressful note. Coming back home to a dog who is, in essence, a toddler – into everything all of the time.  I took her to the park which helped a bit – then she came home, snuck into the basement, and ate poison.  That dog will eat anything – as is evident by the sock she recently vomited.  She  didn’t even chew it from the looks.   We rushed her to the vet – thankful we didn’t just assume she didn’t get into anything else the results would be horrible.   They induced vomiting – and sent her home with a month’s supply of vitamin K.  Thank goodness she seems to be ok.  That dog, I love her – but damn!


What do you think?

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