No reason to be awake. Thoughts of him rolling around my mind. Funny how that happens. How the thoughts can range from sitting in a restaurant holding hands and sharing tales – to him cupping my breast to squeeze my nipple hard. He hits so many of my buttons – that the thoughts rolling thru are diverse and make me smile.

I love him which is why at 4 am I find myself missing him. Missing his scent, missing his arms and legs entangled in mine. Missing the rhythm of his breath. Missing his kisses on my brow as we sleep. Missing my Daddy – my love – my friend.

And I consider myself lucky…..to have someone to love and miss at 4 am…..knowing it is not forever, but just the moment…..that I will see him soon….and feel his lips on mine and smell his scent and be in his arms soon.

What do you think?

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