The Wrong Lobster

I guess when I’m sick, my prescription needs to be “take two hours with Daddy and you’ll fell better immediately”.  Two hours sipping coffee and tea, sneaking kisses, talking about life – and just soaking in each other’s energy.  I walked away feeling 100 times better.  Funny how that works.

How to piss me off at work?  Work for months getting a country live – change the date from Nov 1st 2013 – then Jan 1 2014 – then it was March 2014 – now it is April 2014.  Yet – YET – the issues that were given to them as “showstoppers – if you don’t answer, you don’t go live” ……we are about 10 days from go-live – less than that given I put code into the system in 5 days – and no decision.  Seriously??!?  And then they act surprised – I can go back in my status reports for months where it is listed to point it out.  Yet, it won’t matter.  Fuckers.

I am trying not to get up on semantics with some friends of mine.  G is doing a favor for them, but they keep mentioning it like I am the one doing it for them.  I am not.  I am busy doing the same thing they are doing – so unavailable too.  I have almost said something about it – just because it’s starting to make me wonder if they do believe I am not going to the same event.  But, not worth it.  Whatever.

I did 164  184 push-ups today and 148 pull-ups. (updated – apparently I can’t add after I do that many pushups)
I remember trying to do the 100 pushup challenge and not being able to get past week 3 of it.  Now it makes me wonder if I could, indeed, do it.  Hmm….

In other news, I think I get my dress for the Vampire Ball tonight.  I’m giddy.  As I told G, I now hope it doesn’t make me feel like I need 3 inch heels so I’m the right height for the dress.  Because, well, no.

Maggie and my female cat have become buddies.  They play a game called “I lick your face – you try to swat my nose”.  At night they curl up together in our bed – and my cat starts purring.  So funny given the cat has tolerated the other dogs in the house but never interacted with one like she does Maggie.

Indigo just finished her drumming class – the second go around.  I think we found her instrument – an African drum.  I think it hits her fidgeting as well as her musical needs.  Plus, it does look like fun. I do get it.  Might have to find her a drum.  I seriously do live in Portlandia sometimes – I swear.

Happy Wednesday!

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