Photos: Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery


Kind of a weird location choice for me today.  Especially since DJ went with me.  Why? Because I had a dream last night that she died.  I cannot adequately explain the circumstances – only that leading up to it, I felt people were being idiots – and I needed to get her out of there.  Only to have her go into action – trying to protect us – and be killed.  I woke myself up before I saw her body.  And I woke up crying.  Even as I told this a few times today was I keeping my tears at bay. It was that intense.

Now I did look it up – yay dream dictionaries – and found that it likely was a dream mourning her transition from kid to young woman. It was her birthday – and death is about transition.  Sometimes it is a transition from life to death – but given her birthday, it was clearly about something more – her childhood to adulthood.

Wandering through this cemetery was an interesting experience.  It was interesting hearing her take on death – her take on honoring the dead.  She commented how much she loved the idea of the ashes being put into a root ball so that it could grow into something – ashes to life.  I like how she thinks.  We wandered. We talked. We admired.  We chastised those not honoring the dead – honoring the space – by being loud and obnoxious and treating it like it was just a park not a place of memory, or honor.

I took my camera with my new lens – a Petzval Art Lens I got through a Kickstarter.  It was created in 1840 by Petzval, so it is uber manual and has a wonderful history to it.

What do you think?

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