Keeping It Vanilla

“What did you do during your 4-day weekend?”

The true answer I wish I could give to my cohorts just for comedic reasons:

“Well, I attended a three-day kink conference where I learned lots of fun stuff about negotiations, rough sex, finger banging, dungeon games for predicament play, among other things.  Then I got beaten by my Daddy before the dungeon party on Friday.  Before another sadist beat me in the dungeon, Daddy cut off my panties and shoved them in my mouth while we walked around the dungeon watching scenes.  That was so fucking hot!  Saturday and Sunday were more classes – then Daddy and I doing our own party in the hotel room followed by drinks and sleep.  Overall, it was a busy weekend but a good one.  I’m surprised I can sit today.  How was your weekend?”

What I will say:

“Oh, this and that – how was your weekend?”

Then I will smile to myself as I recall all of the awesome that happened this weekend – knowing if they knew, their minds would be blown on a few levels.

What do you think?

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