I am Vertical

After spending the past 24hrs in bed, I am officially vertical.

We’ll see at what point I’ll regret it, but here I am.

Can’t tell exactly how I’m feeling. My body is not sure itself as it re-adjusts to this upright lifestyle.  I do know it wasn’t happy with me last night as I tried to sleep but instead ached.  While I know I shouldn’t push myself, I just go stir crazy when I’m home alone and sick.  Its almost like for me to be sick and give myself time to recover, I need someone to sit on me so I will not do anything.  It’s not in my nature – at least when I’m starting to feel better.

It also doesn’t help that I look at my already short work week and see all of the things I need to get done before I’m gone for two days.  All the things that if I get them done – and get them done right – will result in no risk of me getting called this weekend.  So, I know that propels me out of bed too.

So we shall see.  For now, I am upright – I am vertical.

Let’s hope that this good trend continues.

What do you think?

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