Fourteen Years Ago…


Hard to believe it has been 14 years since this photo.  I remember feeling like I was 14 myself – and someone gave me a baby and said “here ya go – take care of her – have fun”.  While I was prepared in so many ways to be “Moe” (as DJ calls me), in that moment, holding that little (relatively little at 8lbs 5oz), holding that little baby made me happy and excited and scared to death that someone had made a mistake.  How was I not going to screw this up??

Clearly I have not.  DJ is in 8th grade, has a 2nd degree black belt, is a leader-in-training at a local outdoor school,  is drawing her own comic book of her 8th grade years, has rocked more interviews for things than most adults I know, and is one of the compassionate kids I know.

Happy birthday, DJ!  I love you lots and cannot wait to see what the next 14 years brings you.  If it’s anything like the first 14 years, you’ll own this world.

love, Moe.

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