Different Beasts

He brings out my Lizard brain.  The one that wants to be grabbed by the hair and dragged into the cave with him. Who wants to be taken hard – who wants to be told to suck his cock – his hand on the back of my head as I am on my knees worshiping him as he deserves to be worshiped – with tongue and lips and mouth.  That primal part of my brain who wants to be his – wants him to take me as he wants – as he desires.  Who wants to give him moans and cries and strings of profanity as he takes me in his way.  The way he knows I need – knows I want.

He brings out the girl in me – the one that wants to laugh – make snarky comments – find that nook between his arm and chest where I fit just right.  Where I feel safe.  Where I know he will tuck me in with blankets – kiss my forehead and take care of me.

He brings out the woman in me.  Making me feel feminine and perfect and beautiful.  Making me feel I can be who I am, and not be anything less than female – without makeup and just me.  He tells me that – and I believe him – ever ounce of me believes it.

He evokes my desire to love him.  To worry about him. To care for him.  Because I do appreciate and admire who he is – and I can’t help but love  those things.

He brings out these things in me.  He brings me peace and balance and laughter and love and pleasure and pain.  And I love that.

What do you think?

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