Wednesday or Weird Shit I Find Online Day

I have a bunch of stuff in various states of editing – and I don’t feel like finishing any of them right now.  The teacher strike has been averted.  My meeting that was going to lengthen my day & be painful was cancelled.  And I get to see my Daddy tonight.   Good things are happening – so why not be in awe of weird shit I find online.

Like this:

(No G, you cannot have a goat.)

Or this hotel in Belgium –

Why yes, it is a giant anus.  Click here for more pictures.

And you just have to laugh at this:

Or call it cute like G did.

You can also enjoy Dave Pollot’s Thrift Store Paintings Remade:

Click here for more.

And finally I leave you with a well prepared brother…

I’m sure his sister thanks him for that too.
Happy Wednesday!
And remember:

What do you think?

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