Things on My Mind

Getting up early, there are many things that can start percolating in the mind. Here are a few….

  1. I SO hope the school district and the teacher’s union come to an agreement today.  This strike is going to make them both look like jackasses and hurt the kids and the community, if it goes forward. Hopefully the letter from the state representatives to them yesterday kicked them in the ass.  I mean, having them point out why they fought for the money they did for education and the district may be some motivation as you want to keep those people on your side – regardless if you are the union or the district.  Here’s to hoping.
  2. I hate drop.  That emotional crash after such a great time…..well, it fucking sucks.  Yes, it’s not even 8am, and I’m using the word fuck already.  This does not bode well.
  3. Exercising after some good impact play is interesting.  I cannot tell what is sore from working out or what is bruise.  Regardless, it makes me smile.
  4. A pitbull has a hard fucking head.  I kicked the soccer ball for Maggie this morning, she knocked it into DJ’s wooden practice sword which feel over scaring Maggie, who in turn tripped trying to get out of the way and landed – head first – into my shin.  Correction – I was swearing ‘fuck’ at 6:30am.
  5. Arnica is awesome stuff, if you end up with a, uhm, bruise or something you need to go away faster because it’s warm and you don’t want to wear scarves every day.  If your kink, a good investment.
  6. I think my kids actually get along better than they lead us to believe.  I caught them Saturday and Sunday watching an animated series  together – one that Indigo introduced DJ to (usually it’s the other way around).  They made a joint effort in making no-bake cookies last night.  And generally, they are goofing around.  Wonder if they are feeling ok? Not sure I should care.
  7. I have spent too much time doing project plan maintenance. I am sick of it.  Yet I know I have another several hours today.  Yay?  (And yes, I know I get paid to do this but it’s stupid admin work that has only one upside – I get to listen to music and toss people from my cube if they bother me.)
  8. My cohorts probably think I’m some sort of addict or germophobe with the number of vitamins and supplements I take in the morning.
  9. My knees are not happy with me.  Don’t know if it is the new shoes, the fact I have something out in my back, or what.  May need to actually find time to go visit my chiropractor to see what crazy treatment he has for me this time that will sound like he’s a quack but make me second guess myself when it works.
  10. Wonder if anonymously posting this pic on my boss’s cube would get me fired?  

Happy Tuesday!

What do you think?

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