I was telling someone the other day that I was worried.  Here in the Pathetic NW (as some would say), we have not had the rain we usually get.  It’s been cold and clear and sunny – and dry.  What a weird place to be.

Then today – today we got snow.  Snow?!?  Like 3-4 inches of snow – at least.  Like drifting snow. And icy conditions because the wind chills have been below zero – like -2 at one point.   As someone commented to me – if I’m saying it’s cold – it must be cold.

Schools let out as early as noon.  Work sent people home, if they were worried.  I left at 3:15pm, and it took me an hour to go home – a place that is about 3 miles from work to home.  And it took me an hour.  It took me 30 min to go a mile from home.  Fucking crazy.

It’s cold and windy and time to batten down the hatches and stay inside.  A friend stayed with us tonight after she got stuck at work.  I drove to get her and came back sliding in my all wheel drive – a telling statement given it is hard to slid in an all wheel drive car, in my experience.

So we are inside, warm, happy, in front of a fire as the family plans for their Friday off.  Funny how the rest of the country has been dealing with this for weeks – and we got our storm system finally.

Too bad it isn’t just rain.

Tomorrow I will likely stay home.  Ok, likely is the wrong word – I will stay home because I promised I would not try to drive with the amateur winter drivers out in force.

All I do care about is that things are better so I can travel to see someone Saturday.  I mean, being snowed in with Daddy would be horrible. Grin.

Gotta love snow.

Until you relieve your childhood with it – and remember why you don’t like it.  Smile.

2014-02-06 16.56.04

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