Slipping Briskly

I’m feeling loved. You’ll have to forgive me. Oh fuck that – I feel sorry if you don’t get that feeling of joy, contentment, that rush of reading words sent to you by someone who loves you – and whom you love.

Because while the last week has not been as planned, while it has had its emotional ups and downs for me – I still feel the love.  I still feel the connection.

Like I wrote to SB today, I just need to sometimes take a deep breath, clear away the clouds of stress and other unnecessary emotion that is clouding my being, and there I find him – find that connection, that intimacy, that love.  It shines through me making me feel warm and cozy and full of love.

I love the connections that I feel – the connections I have – with two people people who know me and care about me and seem to support me as I need it – in their own ways.

I am blessed.  And loved. And happy.

Even if things don’t work out as intended.

What’s the phrase? Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

What do you think?