Crazy? I Was Crazy Once?

Are you familiar with the phrase?

“Crazy, I was crazy once.
Then they put me in the rubber room.
I died in the rubber room.
Then they put me in the cold dark ground.
There were rats in the cold dark ground.
They drove me CRAZY.
Crazy? I was crazy once.”

That describes my morning.

  • Up at 5:15am.
  • Worked out until about 6:15am.
  • Woke up DJ to get ready for her high school visit.
  • Showered.
  • Banged on her door again making sure she was awake.
  • Had breakfast.
  • Got dressed.
  • Got DJ corralled.
  • Grabbed stuff, tossed her in car.
  • Sent her back into the house for the school stuff.
  • Waited for her to get back into the car.
  • Drove her to the high school.
  • Had to find a parking spot in downtown with everyone else.
  • Found one that was questionable, but risked it.
  • Walked her into the school.
  • Waited and waited for the admissions people to get there.
  • Passed her off.
  • Took 10 min to drive 6  blocks to work.
  • Parked in a different lot that last week was 75 cents more than my usual lot – (it’s now $3 more).
  • Ran to work.
  • Snagged my laptop & ran to the meeting.
  • Immediately got requested to push a different group to get their work done (not my job).

I’m still not adequately caffeinated.

At noon, I get to almost reverse the process, but toss in there a quick stop at the club so I can give last show’s art back to the artist – then to the school, pick up DJ, run DJ up to her school, then home for a short stop.

Is it too early to need a drink?


What do you think?

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