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Last night, it was art and burgers and a soak.

A friend of mine is having an art show  – wait, let me be accurate – he is having two art shows.  The first is a show at Tiny’s Coffee in SE Portland – opens next Friday (7-Feb) at 7pm.  It’s pinups.  They are very sweet pinups too – that is the best way to describe them.   His second show which was helped him with last night is a show displaying some amazing oil paintings he has been working on for two years.  They are huge – and amazing – fighter jets in battles with amazing Valkyries.  They are truly something to go see.  That opening is on the 20th of February on SE Hawthorn at  Muse. Having gotten a preview of the art last night – WOW!! I am blown away by them. I was when I first saw them 9 months ago – photos of them on his phone – but in person – to see the scale of these pieces – the detail – it is quite a sight to see.

So we helped him hang the art, then G and I headed to get burgers.  There is a place we found that has great, upscale burgers, if you will.  They are quite yummy. Oh and they have good beer too.  So we went there before our scheduled soak time and had a quick bite.

Then we soaked.  Ahh…it was great. Except we went where we split our hour between regular soak and silent soak – and some people have zero concept of silent. I swear it was party time in the soaking tubs.  They actually come through and let people know it is silent time – but they just ignored it and the huge “SILENT” banner. Was kind of annoying when you were looking forward to 30-min of silence.  We came home – and started unwinding.  G is usually a noodle – ready to collapse into bed.  Soaking in the energy there riles me up a bit, so I ate the rest of my burger, sipped on a nice beer, and let myself unwind.

Then I slept.

Today has been good so far.

Up – did my yoga workout – did the end of month 1 measurements to mark progress.  And holy shit! You add up all the inches I lost – chest, waist, hips, thighs, arms – and it added up to 15 inches.  Holy fuck.

If that’s the first of three months, what will the other two months look like!!  Guess I’m gonna find out!

Now it’s off to DJ’s interview for high school.

Then some errands before my evening and all with Daddy.  (I love being able to call him that again – what can I say, it fits.)

Today will definitely be a good day!

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