34 Degrees

The number that made me happy this morning.

34 degrees means no freezing rain for me or the office location – so it meant I could go to work.

Yes, I wanted to go to work.

As a girl who grew up in this stuff (and much worse), one would think this isn’t a big deal for me.  Hell, I learned to drive on packed snow and ice in the winter.  It was the norm from November to March – that was the road – snow and ice.  We didn’t have snow tires or chains or studs – we had winter driving skills.  And they layered sand over and over again on top of it all, so that there was texture making it not as slick.    No one stopped doing much with snow and ice.  Blowing snow – like blizzard conditions – that was another story.  But snow and ice like we had – didn’t stop you from going about your usual routine.

But out here, well, it’s a whole different ballgame.  We have drivers who forget how to drive in the rain each winter.  Slow down is not something they easily do.   A few years ago, I heard the number of plows and sanders and deicers that this city had – and understood immediately why they cannot respond.  It was half the number owned by my hometown of 12,000 people. Half.

Then toss into the mix the number of people who have 4wd and studs and chains who believe that makes them invincible – and I’ll stay home thank-you-very-much.  My car is a year old, and I’m not ready to have to have body work done on it thanks to an idiot driving in this crap that shouldn’t.

So we stay home and go crazy.  DJ didn’t come out of her room until late afternoon yesterday ….. boy did I envy her.  I was definitely to the point where I wanted my own space, my own space not shared – with a door – so I could just be for a while.  Had the ice not been so bad (and the falling ice off the trees and powerlines not been as bad), I would have walked around more with my camera.  But the huge chunks of falling ice coming down around me made me nervous.  There were some pretty gnarly icicles all over the place.

So now that thaw begins.

Hoping work is pretty mellow today as people work from home.  Regardless, it’s good to get out and about.  And be some place else for a while.

And look forward to the rain.

What do you think?

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