Thursday in Pictures (kinda)

My mom used to say “kill ’em with kindness” which works by the way.  But for some reason, this seemed to compliment something someone close to me like to remind me when I’m in the mood to injure someone at work: “remember, no small wounds!”

While work has been better in some respects this week, the overall theme for the week is a combo of “not my job” and “yeah, someone should fix it”.  In both cases, the person bringing up the issue IS the person to fix it.

Years ago, I found a box of drink monkeys that were marked a “management tool”.  They made me laugh because initially I thought the management tool was on the side of an alcoholic beverage to “help the manager cope”.  Turns out, it was part of a management strategy that showed up in the Harvard Business Review in like 1975.   (Damn, I was close – it was 1974 – and my google skills found me the article.)

The short version is simple – a manager uses the drink monkey to represent the “problem” an employee is bringing to them.  The goal is to make sure the employees aren’t leaving you as the manager with the monkeys but sending the employees away with their monkeys and an idea of what they need to do about it so the manager doesn’t have their time taken up by monkeys.

Maybe it is an appropriate approach around here – making sure people take care of their own monkeys instead of trying to pass them off.

Though, a better use may be in alcoholic beverages.

A friend who has spent the past month “judging me” recently realized this fact.  I totally don’t fucking care.  While he did it under the guise of “I care”, at the end of the day, I still didn’t give a fuck.  It pissed me off the manipulation factor – the extremes he was trying to go to get me to care what he thought.  Too bad, I can spot games pretty quickly.

Earlier this week, he asked what I was doing after work.  I have a coffee date was my reply.  “Great! That’s so good to hear.”  While I could have left it at that, I decided ‘fuck it, if he is going to claim to be a friend, he is going to have to fucking learn to figure this one out.’   So I said, “you may say that until you learn who the coffee date is with – then you may have another opinion.”

My lecture to him about minding his own fucking business coupled with my making it known that he is not someone I will talk to about much more than the weather these days as a result – that must have hit home.

“If you are happy – and you genuinely seem happy – then I truly am happy for you.  To be honest, I assumed that’s who it was with anyway”

Maybe those shock treatments are helping. *shrug*

There is a shitload of drama happening in our little kink community.  And as I was commenting to someone the other day, I am not alone in my desire to basically just stay away for a while.  “But it’s human nature – are you going to escape humanity?” was the smart ass comeback.

“No, but when you are finding yourself in a conversation with someone that is trying to negotiate a scene with you – and the more they are talking about the drama shit, the more you are like ‘shhh… keep talking and ruining this chance for both of us’……it’s time to step away.  Because all this debate is doing is helping me create a list of  people I can’t let near me for any reason else I may kill them – and that isn’t my kink.”

My point landed – but truly it is similar to that image up there – it just proves they are stupid and I’m too sarcastic to be around stupid people.  (I make fun of them… them….it’s never good.  And I can’t help it – thus my self imposed rule about stay away from them.)

I think I need to start using these on my brother’s posts on FB…..and a list of former classmates who are so full of bullshit that I cannot handle 90% of what they post.  Sadly, it’s a failed IQ test when I have unfriended them as they think it was an accident and refriend me right away – repeatedly until I give in.  And this my friends is why I have groups setup in FB so I can ignore the people that annoy me. (Yes, there are family members on that one too.)

Happy Thursday! Celebrate the fact the week is almost done.  I will also be celebrating the fact my boss is out of the office today and tomorrow!

What do you think?

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