Sunday Ramblings

I got round 8987 of my little bro’s self righteous rants. I thank Indigo for interrupting me on the phone as I could use her as an excuse for hanging up on him.  Holy hell.  My favorite statement of the night – after I reminded him that my parents will only change their habits when they decide its a problem and time to change – “that’s not true – if they know those that love them are hurt by what they are doing, people will change.”

Uhm, yeah – NO.

I did talk to my other bro afterward because I was curious if he was getting the same crap from our little bro.  Yep. He is. To the point where he won’t talk to him anymore.  He did offer a good perspective on things – he is hoping our little bro continues to shoot off his mouth because then someone will smack him and maybe he’ll snap out of it.  Ok – I can support that idea.

Oh, and please please please – positive thoughts, energies, whatever ya got to my mom. Tomorrow she goes back into the doctor to check on the infection.  My dad believe they will be re-admitting her into the hospital for the infection.  I’m worried about her.

Went to a party last night – a party with weird energy.  Despite that, I had a great scene – tens machine and canes and slappers on my tits.  OMG – what a fucking giggle.  Been a long time since I’ve had a tens machine used on me.  And I can’t forget the claws. Holy hell, I almost came right there  – the contrast was like wow.  Good stuff.   It was  funny because I was told post-scene that I was to post a photo of the marks the sadist gave me.  When I hadn’t yet, he  pinged me reminded me I owed a picture.   I thought he had forgotten, but I guess not.  I was a good girl and posted one as requested.

I start week 2 of P90x3 tomorrow.  I’ve been blogging about each workout each day under the menu above this post.  I’m mainly doing it for me – so that if I’m having a shitty workout, I can hopefully look back and remember when it REALLY sucked.  I’m sore but not too bad. Only that one ab muscle I pulled….ugh.  My major notable? I need a different pair of shoes.  The instructor keeps saying “don’t do this in running shoes”.  Well, that’s all I have.  And he is right – it’s wrong.

Oh well, at least this week is a short week for me – yay weekend at the coast! Let’s hope for storms!

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