Post Vacation Rant

Dear Friends and Family,

While I appreciate your exclamations publicly and privately of being jealous I got a weekend away with my husband at the coast, could you keep it to yourself please?

I work my fucking ass off – and don’t take time for vacations for myself.  I have had to consciously go out of my way to make time to recharge away from the house and obligations.  This is something new to me.  So to hear things like “it must be nice” and “why do you get to go and I don’t?” just makes me feel like I am expected to not take time for myself – to not recharge as I handle life’s roller coaster.  It makes me feel like if you don’t get what I have, that I am somehow not worthy of it.

Then there is the fact I got the time with G.  I don’t get time with G.  In the past year, he and I have had exactly 2 weekends together – without kids.  Two weekends……and once was our anniversary.  I don’t demand it happens – I don’t insist it happens – I don’t feel deprived if it doesn’t happen.  Yet when it does, hearing about it like it is something that happens every weekend is bullshit.

I love you all – I really do.  And I know life gets shitty sometimes – and it’s easy to look at others like the grass is greener and all that crap.  But maybe before you downplay or shit on my happy times, you think about what you are really saying and who you are saying it to. Because to knock me off my happy weekend is kinda shitty.


What do you think?

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