Photos: Indigo and I Take Photos

The other day, Indigo and I wandered around looking for something to inspire photos.  We went to one of my favorite places – a place I realized she had never been.  Thankfully they haven’t started the construction yet – so the place was still in tact.

I love the reflection in the water.
Indigo pointed out this little guy – and I loved how it reflected in the rain water.
There is a homeless community there – tents on pallets keeping their beds out of the water. I loved that this guy put “I’ll Eat You” on his tent along with the “Private Property” sign.

After my place, we ran across the SE Portland Goats – a herd of goats that live on an empty lot in SE Portland.  The property owners originally rented goats to keep the weeds down during the summer, but another group bought some goats and put it on the lot.  Since then, 4 babies have been born – and patrons visit and donate money to the herd.

Goat on a rubber maid container
Another goat on a perch.
More goats
Baby goat
One of the owners came to feed them and brought out one of the babies for people to pet. Indigo decided that his fur was like a combo of a rabbit and chinchilla.







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