Motivational Monday – MLK Edition

It seems right that today is MLK’s birthday observed, so the Motivational Monday should follow suit.

plus, sometimes, I just need a theme….

People think “next time” or “if it happens again, I will…” but the time is always the right time.  The time is now.

This is a much better way of explaining something that I read once by a high tech leader – and that is “just keep walking – keep moving – don’t stop.  you never figure it out stationary – only by moving.”  Agreed!

Too many leaders forget this.  Too many feel like in order to do well, you must make the majority happy or make the loudest people happy.  But truth is – you must do what is right – and make it be what people believe is right.  Instead of seeking consensus.

This is a concept a few friends in my life right now don’t get about me.  I will NOT feed hate or negativity.  Both will become anchors around your neck – they will make you sink – make you drown.  Love is the best way – it is my way.  I will only ever freed it.

What do you think?

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