Love and Hate

I love it ….
….and hate it.

The energy. The feelings. Oh shit.

You could put me in your pocket and take me home in a second.

But the conflict. What is this – the intimacy we can find in a crowded room? The passionate kisses? The feeling of skin on skin? Don’t think I did not notice the acquaintance that assumed I was responsible for your energy.

But I don’t care. I buzz with you. I sigh knowing I would have gone home with you without a second thought. That I miss the contact we have had. That the energy, the passion flows thru me like you.

Yeah, I burn for you. I call you love, not because it is a mere term of endearment, but because I feel it from me and you.

I feel you. I don’t care about the label as much as the feeling – the energy. And you.

I have no doubt we will work it out. But until then….
…..I burn.

What do you think?