Hey, You! Pass the IV of Coffee!

Day two of getting up at 5:15am to work out.  It’s funny to think I did this for almost a year – almost every fucking day of the week.  When we lived in the burbs and G was going to school, I would get up at 5am to go to a fitness class I loved taught at 5:30 am.  I had learned that to do that after work which was the other time the class was taught was to be stuck in a room with 50 other people.  5:30am was a class of maybe 15.  It was great.

But then again, I was also 25 years old – not nearly the insomniac I am today – and didn’t have the morning distractions contend with before doing the workout.  Today is a different beast.  And the insomnia factor is the fucked up one.

But I got up -and I did it.  Another day crossed off the list.  Sunday is my rest day – so tomorrow is the workout-hump-day.  Until then – pass me the coffee IV. STAT!

My week has been good so far.  Work is, well, work.  My boss came back from his 2 weeks of vacation (I swear the man has 10 weeks of vacation a year given how many blocks of time he takes off.)  And I immediately reminded him of this:

You see, he likes me to act like this is my group until something celebratory happens then he reminds everyone it is HIS group.  This circus he calls a team is not MY circus – I simply have to work within it.  And the monkeys?  They are on loan to me for project work – but they are not my monkeys.  They misbehave – it is HIS job to fix their performance issue – not mine.  After something came up in a meeting yesterday where someone decided to toss my project under the bus, I made it VERY clear to his boss and later on him that this is not my circus or my monkeys.  All I can say is “this monkey is lame” – he has to be the one to shoot it.  I had to remind him of this three times.  And finally I raised it during the meeting in front of his monkey which is the problem.  Because he was going to handle this passive aggressively through email and directed at the entire team.  Uhm, yeah – NO.  Needless to say, he did what needed to be done – monkey has been smacked.  Now to see if it helped.  Next time, I may have to hand him the gun.

Remember last week when I told you about the friend who tried to emotionally blackmail me into doing what he thought I should be doing vs doing what I felt should be done?  Yeah, I dealt with him too this week.

The Fuck-U-nicorn

Basically, to provide a visual, I just played along ignoring everything he had said and not giving him any more than “isn’t it pretty outside today?”  Kill ’em with kindness, my mom would call it.  Finally, he asked – or rather stated he was surprised I was talking to him.  I explained it was clear there were certain topics he could not handle in our friendship, so I’m adjusting conversation accordingly.

Oh, he saw the Fuck-U-nicorn for what it was – but didn’t know how to handle it given the rainbow.  Needless to stay, he backed way off his previous statements.  Why don’t I cut the fucker off?  He’s attached to someone who is a very VERY old friend who I care about and do not want to lose in my life.  Damn catch-22!

On more positive terms, I’ve been getting little things that make me smile.  Communication between two people is always good.  And honesty in how we are feeling is awesome.  It makes me smile for many reasons.  Yeah. I’ll leave it at that right now.

Right now, I’m getting updates from SB from his travels to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  So freakin’ jealous he gets to be there!  But getting tidbits while he has been on his way has been nice.  Cannot wait to hear more.   Yes, this makes my inner geek girl squee.  I can’t help it – I like tech stuff!

Any day now, we will find out if G and his fellow teachers are going to strike or continue to negotiate their contract. It could go either way right now.  It’s a good sign that the district, while they could shove a contract down the throats of the teachers forcing a strike, they are choosing to stay at the table to negotiate in earnest.  We shall see if that continues.  They have used some pretty, uhm, interesting tactics this time versus in the past.

I found this the other day:

And told G this was his story.  The girls saw it and started laughing because, well, they have heard his college stories.  Drunken streaking was a popular pass-time with G and a few of his friends.  So this definitely seemed fitting.

Ok – off to get this Wednesday going.

After I find some more coffee!

What do you think?

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