Here we go again….crap!

Life is funny.  I had a decent day. I had some great back-and-forth with someone very important to me.  All was good….

….then it took a nose dive.

My boss who never keeps up on anything suddenly decided that he was going to pay attention – and be outraged and demand shit while I’m gone.  And make things a bigger deal than they are – and basically start acting like I was not doing my job.  Tearing someone down to build yourself up (which is his tactic) just pisses me off.  I was waffling between trying to let it go with wanting to throw my coffee mug at his head.  A rant to a someone I care about resulted in hearing back exactly what I needed including “I have faith in you…”

“So shines a good deed in a weary world.” – Shakespeare

That’s the phrase that popped into my head.  I felt his words – and it was what I needed.  Just as I was exhaling, I get the phone call.

“Mom was sent to her doctor in Portland. He is putting her in the hospital right now. Just letting you know – I’ll call more later.”

I drove home waiting for the follow up call. I let some people know what was happening.  Then I waited some more as I tried to hold it together…..tried and failed.

The surgeon in their town who did her surgery a few months ago noticed an infection weeks ago.  They put her on the good drugs. Things seemed to be getting better, but during a follow-up visit yesterday, he told my parents that he honestly had no idea what was happening.  What he suspected was an infection is now looking like a major Crohn’s flare up.  Basically, this was something for her real doctor to assess.  This was outside of his knowledge.

Her gastro-endocrinologist saw her and basically said quite honestly he has no idea what is going on – this is not something he has ever seen before.  So, do not pass go – go straight to the hospital.  They are going to put her on a shit load of drugs – and do a CT scan to find out what is happening inside.  Best case scenario – they send her home tomorrow night.  Worst – her stay is unknown.

What do I know? They are here with out anything. No clothes. No medications. No nothing.  This is not going to work for more than a day – at a minimum.

I want the best to happen for her.  I want her to be treated appropriately so she can get well. I want her to start being honest so people can help her as needed.

What do you think?