Friday Meanderings Thru My Mind

I’ve got all of these serious topics bouncing around in my head.  Rants about my friends who have decided that since I’m not telling them anything, they must now chase me down and play 20 questions with me.  Rants about the politics of group politics.  I could talk about the shitty thing that happened at a school in Salt Lake City.

But I’m not in the mood to bitch or rant.

Yes, I am feeling fine, why do you ask?

I guess I just have other things on my mind.  Things like:

  • I need new workout shoes since the dog ate one of mine.
  • I need a new bra because apparently some of the inches I’ve lost have made my bras too loose.
  • Pilates is weird and kicked my ass yesterday.  Seriously, my ass hurts today.
  • For an album most reviewed as a “weak second album”, I really am addicted to the Fitz & the Tantrums album.   Guess if this is the weak album, I should download the first one because it’ll blow me away if I liked the second one.
  • I hate the sound of dot matrix printers. It used to be two aisles away which was annoying. Now it is in the cube next to me.  And today they are testing shipping forms – Chinese ones at that.
  • You know shit is fucked up when you get, yet another requirement from the South American country, and it isn’t clarifying anything – so all you can do is erupt in hysterical laughter.  We received some documents from this country, they were kept in a book that looks like an Archie Comic – half the size of a piece of paper – and they are multiple copy forms meaning there is carbons through 5 layers.  No holes to feed it thru a dot matrix.  Can’t do it through a laser printer.  We have no fucking idea what they are doing down there.  We are currently guessing typewriter.  Yay high tech!
  • I stole all of my socks back from my kids. Did an epic night of folding laundry.  The downside of the laundry room is it piles up.  When I confronted DJ on her wearing a pair of my favorite socks – ones I had been looking for, she claimed it was because she didn’t have any socks.  Yeah, explain the huge basket of socks, kid.  Now to find the missing silverware and dishes.
  • Tomorrow is the family interview for the private high school DJ is applying to get into.  The whole family should be there.  Wonder how they would react to “here is our poly family”.  I think a nun’s head might explode.
  • Note to self – remind DJ of what she shouldn’t say tomorrow

Happy Friday!

Just remember…

What do you think?

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