Friday Friday Friday

  1. Is making a joke on a Catholic school application okay?  One of the “parent questions” was like “what are your priorities for your child’s education?”  I answered it pretty dead on in terms of what we want – a place that is going to nurture the learner in our kid – not suck it out of them.  An education that is going to encourage connecting the dots – not bombard her with kill-it-and-drill-it exercises.  But even as I was answering the question in my true fashion, I couldn’t help but wonder if they expected me to outline the 5-year-plan for my kid in terms of what they will do, where they will go, and what they will become.  So, I added – “of course, I want my kid to graduate at the top of her class, get accepted into a prestigious school, and find the cure for cancer – but at the end of the day, that only happens if she has the right foundation that propels her to want to do that.”  My nod to the fact that some parents are going to do what I refuse to do.  And that is define my kid’s path in life.  My job is to help her find her path and support her on her journey – and keep her from going down the wrong paths (paths that lead to things like jail time).  I’m not going to do it.  I can only hope that they read the fact that G is a teacher and enjoy the comment.  I mean, this is the guy who when filling out paperwork for camps and all, adds things like “my kid likes to talk to snakes, so you may want to keep an eye on that” – just to see if anyone reads it.
  2. I think we have finally gotten Indigo to turn the corner on her obsession with Dance Moms.  Holy hell.  Deleting it from Tivo whenever she records it.   We have forced her to stop watching it each time we find her watching it on Netflix.  Finally we both – for the final time – sat her down and explained why – why we hate that show.   Woman uses abuses language to her students which is not ok.   If she ever had someone teach her that did that, we would be the first to yank her from the program.  And the parents – well, the fact they let their kids endure that is fucked up.  The parents should be protecting their kids – not letting their kids go through it.   She finally got it. I hope.
  3. Ouch.  That is how I feel today.  The workouts have been great. But damn.  I need to do today’s when I go home today.  I chose sleep over it this morning.  Damn insomnia.  I’ve been exhausted lately because of it.  Add in the cold – and well, damn!  Thankfully the cold is almost gone.  And lifting my arms is optional today, right?
  4. My Portland Thorns lost two of my favorite players today – to the new Houston team.  Booo!! But then again, I knew they could only protect so many players from getting snagged – and they picked some good ones to protect.
  5. Finally they are going to release code into our system this weekend.  Fourth time is a charm?  Really – it’s 4th time means it was really more fucked up than people realized initially.   Big fucking shock.  While I appreciate the optimism certain people have around changes, I am continually shocked they do not change their behavior when they fail – repeatedly.
  6. Mom’s health is in a holding pattern. I called her yesterday to see if she was at home or in the hospital.  The doctor is giving her until Monday to make improvements.  If post-blood test things aren’t significantly improved, then she’s off to the hospital for the administration of her favorite drug.   All hopes this clears up on its own because she doesn’t need to go through the hell of that drug again. While effective, the side effects take forever for her to recover from.  And that woman does not need to lose any more weight.  Yikes!
  7. New music is always good for a slow Friday. I am listening to the new Gary Numan album. Good stuff.  Good memories too.
  8. A friend of mine in the kink scene is making me laugh lately.  She continually makes statements of assumption about what I do or have tried or who I have played with.  I keep enjoying making her mind explode a little each time she makes an assumption, I thwart it, and she doesn’t know how to react.  It’s become a game.  As someone else said to me, I should be offended.  I’m not. I’m amused.  It’s always fun blowing someone’s mind.
  9. I am so looking forward to going to the wellness center tonight to soak for an hour.  Have I mentioned lifting my arms?
  10. I am extremely happy that it’s Friday. I’m ready for the week to end.  Happy Friday to you!

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