Brain Dump Part 8987

First off, thank you to everyone who offered prayers and positive thoughts to my mom.    After a day of tests and uncertainty and hopes there was no surgery in her future, we got the news we wanted.   Everything infection related they were seeing was on the surface – nothing was happening internally.

A quick Crohn’s primer.  Basically Crohn’s patients get sores in their intestines.  These sores can eat away causing fistulas in the tissues.  In Oct, Mom had one that turned into an abscess which created a fistula between her intestine and her bladder.  What they were seeing around her wound was looking like a fistula which would translate into possibly another abscess and another surgery.  Needless to say, that is not the case but it is why they tossed her into the hospital – bombarded her with antibiotics – and  made her go thru all of the tests.  So the results are awesome news.  They are going to spend another day with antibiotics and working with the wound specialist – then send her home.

I decided to call my working today – not The Challenge which is its name but “The Penance”.  Too much decompressing last night – it sucked ass this morning – 130 pushups or something like that and 128 pull-ups.  Wowza. I pushed myself hard though – and it felt good. (Until I can’t raise my arms later)

Sleep is good.  So is good energy being cycled through me by a good person.

My boss is a crazy man.  I was trying to figure out what his motivation was with being “engaged” suddenly – then I saw an email this morning – It’s Review Time!  Ahhh…makes more sense now.

My mom’s nurse yesterday wasn’t sure about my dad’s teasing.  It was funny because she started acting like maybe they were having a domestic dispute.  I finally started laughing and scolding my dad for harassing the nurse in the process.  I think, however, she was happy to see her shift end.

I’m waiting to see what a friend says to me today.  I saw him briefly last night but my focus was elsewhere.  He was polite to my “elsewhere” if you will – a marked improvement.  But I’m sure I’ll get an earful today under the guise of “being protective” – I call it “butting in where he doesn’t understand or belong.”  At least I will be entertained – and he’s at a safe distance so I can’t physically kill him.   Damn.

Ok – that’s all that’s in my head right now.

Happy Thursday!

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